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Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays On Why The 1960s Batman TV Series Matters (2011)

by Jim Beard(Favorite Author)
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1466333057 (ISBN13: 9781466333055)
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review 1: If you love the goofy, pop-art "Batman" TV series of the '60s -- and if you were ever mocked by your peers for doing so, as I was -- you should sample this collection of serious and entertaining essays about the show and its impact on our culture. The wide range of authors and viewpoints illuminated new aspects of the series that I never considered -- positive and negative -- and revisited several that I always held dear. As with any anthology, readers will probably find some authors' viewpoints more valid than others. But that diversity is one reason I heartily recommend this to anyone who's enjoyed the show for all these decades, and especially those who have been enjoying the current Bat-Renaissance as much as I have. (I've ordered the Batman '66 action figures; now, if... more they'd just offer the Blu-ray box set ..)
review 2: This is a great collection of essays exploring various aspects of the 1960s Batman TV series: the Batmania that swept the country, the evolution of Batman from comics to television, the music, the pop art aspects, youth culture, gadgetry, etc.For those of us who grew up watching the series, either when it first aired or later, in syndication, this book is a wonderful mixture of nostalgia and insight into the times and the television/pop culture phenomenon that was Batman.Those who have not seen the series, and are only familiar with the dark, grim version of Batman that is currently popular, might enjoy this peek into the 1960s and how something as wonderfully campy as this TV show could actually work.Now if they would just get their act together and release the series on DVD..... less
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Short essays on the 1966 Batman tv show. Interesting takes but repetitive in the latter half.
A mix of very entertaining and somewhat entertaining thumb-twiddling. Fun.
Interesting essays.
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