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The Upside Down Marriage: 12 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Right Side Up (2012)

by Jim Keller(Favorite Author)
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1937498115 (ISBN13: 9781937498115)
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review 1: when we are married we are constantly facing challenges on how to overcome problems that arise from everyday situations as well as major problems that could throw the whole marriage down the garbage can. This book adresses these problems, showing that the solution can sometimes be the exact opposite of what we think can mend things. Since the book is written by a professional marriage counselor who has been helping ppl cope with their marital problems for years the reader can very well relate to it. The book is also written in an interesting rhythm and using easy language making it even more fun to read.
review 2: The best way to describe this book is the missing manual that should have come with the marriage license. Couples go through life together facing dif
... moreferent situations. While most are pleasant, there will be a few unforeseen bumps in the road. This book gives a very clear plan on how to healthily manage those bumps and turn them into opportunities for strength and growth. The bumps in the road are to be expected because they are a normal part of life. Keller talks about issues most important in marriage such as conflict, financial, intimacy, religious, parenting, quality time, and a few others. As a professional counselor, he uses examples from couples he’s personally interacted with (changing their names to protect their privacy, of course), along with personal stories from his own 35 year marriage. He comes from a place that is experienced and friendly, caring and informative, and neutral but on-your-side along the way.I personally believe that every couple should read this book together. The value of insight shared in this book will not only transform your marriage; but I also feel that if every couple read and implemented the principles in this book, the divorce rate would significantly decrease. Marriage is important. The Upside Down Marriage explains how to make your marriage one that will last a lifetime.This was an easy 5 stars. It covered a variety of topics across the board from a professional and personal perspective while sharing a message that most couples can relate to. I highly recommend reading this book, even if you are happily married, and especially if your marriage is experiencing a difficult time. There are some great tips in here to make something great even better. And also great ideas for preparing yourself on how to handle conflict in the future that could eventually happen. less
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Was a very good read. It gave some good suggestions on improving yout marriage.
The only thing original about this book was the title and the chapter names...
Great advice to better you marriage with a Christian point of view.
GREAT book! I need to read it again.
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