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Deadman Wonderland #1 (2012)

by Jinsei Kataoka(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 5
Deadman Wonderland
review 1: Wow, this manga had me hooked instantly. I went out of my way to find time to read this one, whether I was cooking, on a break at work or in the car waiting for the kids to finish school.The intense graphics in this had my heart thudding hard as the story played out, devouring each page quickly. The main character, Ganta is such a little cutie, so innocent and soft hearted. But with a backbone of steel and head full of determination he manages to pull through every hurdle that is thrown at him. I loved each new character as they were introduced, whether they be evil hate worthy pricks, demented tortured souls or total innocents. It was easy to judge the deadmen as they were introduced, but they grow on you and as you find out their backgrounds you soon find yourself aching... more for them, tearing up for their pasts and what has happened to them.I read this manga on my iPad, but I know I most definitely have to have the whole series in paperback, so I can re-read this fantastic manga again and again.
review 2: Jinsei Kataoka - author10 years ago a massive earthquake left 70% of Tokyo buried underwater. Now Japan's only completely privatized prison, Deadman Wonderland, serves as both the nations' penitentiary for the worst-of-the-worst and as a source of income to fund the reconstruction of Tokyo.Middle school student Ganta Igarashi is hanging out and chatting with classmates when a mysterious figure, bound in all manner of red chains and manacles, appears at their classroom window. The mysterious figure slaughters the entire class with the exception of Ganta - who is blamed for the murders! Ganta is rushed through a perfunctory trial and shipped off to Deadman Wonderland, where he will battle other prisoners to the death for the amusement of tourists and home viewers.But, something the strange red man did to Ganta awakens a mysterious power within him - a power that lives in his blood. Will Ganta be able to fight his way free from Deadman Wonderland, clear his name and take revenge against the red man? Perhaps with the help of a few friends...Fairly interesting story and strong artwork have left me interested in continuing this series. So far, good work approaching great.3.5/5 less
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Sweet lord this is heaven isn't it? If you like psychological, twisted gore then this is for you!
Pretty cool, in a whacky crazy kind of way.
Interesting story lines in this first book.
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