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Locke & Key, Vol. 4: Keys To The Kingdom (2011)

by Joe Hill(Favorite Author)
4.46 of 5 Votes: 3
1613772076 (ISBN13: 9781613772072)
IDW Publishing
Locke & Key
review 1: Gory, smart, vulgar, real, artful, creepy, exciting. Hill and Rodriguez throw everything into Vol. 4. The violence has reached a different level now. I promise you won't forget a certain kiss. And chances are you won't look at fencing or sparrows in quite the same way again.Zack's evil. We already knew that, but Rodriguez and Hill really bring out Zack's beast in this one. Drawings and story come together perfectly to reveal deep insanity. And as with every other installment so far, Hill has something to say about our cultural hang ups. Why can't Kinsey get a cab while she appears to be a black woman? Why do skinheads exist? Why murder? Prepare for gore and some cringe-inducing racial encounters. (Side note: The Ferguson verdict came out as I read. Interesting tim... moreing!)
review 2: Another great installment in this horror/psychological thriller graphic novel series. The pacing was perfect. The stakes continue to raise in each volume and the series' plot continues to develop complexly. Character development was definitely the focus of this volume, and it was done very well. I loved the homage to Bill Waterson's cartoon style. I thought it brought something interesting to the very dark opening chapter. And the final page of this volume was definitely like a knife to the heart. I cannot wait to continue on with the series. less
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Simply, omg. I just finished this and I'm just speechless. It keeps getting better.
1st half: 3 stars2nd half: 4 stars
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