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Death Troopers (2009)

by Joe Schreiber(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
0345509625 (ISBN13: 9780345509628)
review 1: I dont want to put this book into the EU.. It had its good parts but all in all it was very predictable. Zombies, Death, blah blah blah. When reading Star Wars books i want to be amazed by all the wonders and heroes or villains or whatever. I need this fascination! It was an easy read tho and is the first Star Wars 'horror' novel, so it wasnt tooo bad for a first try. maybe the next will be better.
review 2: I was intrigued by the concept despite not being into zombies whatsoever but the book didn't really deliver what I was hoping. It's a zombie story alright and thats about all it is. The fact that there are stormtroopers or whatever is completely unimportant, it didn't bring a new dimension to the trope at all when I think it could have.. in fact most of the
... more zombies are too much of a gorey mass to really be thought of as stormtroopers and most of them are imperial officers anyway. The gore was gratuitous which is probably run of the mill for this kind of story, but it still feels lazy and done purely for shock value. It was so over the top that I stopped feeling anything about its increasing disgustingness about halfway through. Subtlety works wonders, my friends, and should not be underrated. The book completely lacked subtlety. The circumstances were so horrific that it's really just completely unbelievable that the characters wouldn't just roll over and die. Also including han solo in this was just weird fanservice. less
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I feel ripped off. I was hoping for an adult zombie novel but what I got was teen fiction.
This one was kind of a guilty pleasure. Zombies and Star Wars? How could I say no?
Fun read. Zombies and Star Wars what could be better.
Star Wars + Zombies = entretenido.
Quite good.
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