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A Mermaid's Ransom (2009)

by Joey W. Hill(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
0425230686 (ISBN13: 9780425230688)
Berkley Trade
Daughters of Arianne
review 1: Although I wasn't familiar with the works of Joey W. Hill when I first picked up "A Mermaid's Ransom" nor was really interested in the erotic romance genre, I thought it was surely worth buying as cheap as my local about-to-close Borders store had it. I wasn't wrong. The story of Alexis, a merangel, and Dante, a half-vampire half-Dark One, flies forward in a semi-fast pace as the reader watches their love unfold in terrible and dangerously seductive ways. As I suspect many erotic romance novels are, there are several scenes of rough yet passionate sex. That's not what the book is about though. It's main purpose is to show that within even the most evil of creatures there can be a spark of light. When Alexis finds that light in Dante she won't let him lose it even if it mea... morens losing her life. This is the third book Hill's 'Daughters of Arianne' series all of which can be read as standalone tales. I will admit that I'm interested in reading the first two books now that I've learned so much about the characters that take the lead roles in them.
review 2: I really like this one just as much as the first book with Anna and Jonah. Joey Hill makes the characters in her books real even though the stories are fantasy based. The only con I had was that she brought Lady Lyssa and Jacob into this story. I was hoping that even though Dante was a vampire she would bring some one else into the mix to help Dante with his traits as a vampire. Like these characters live in a different world from her vampire series. But all-in-all it is a great read for me. less
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Hot, well written and very different to the first two in the series!
My favorite of the mermaid series. Dante is DELICIOUS.
One of my FAVS!
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