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Hope Road (2000)

by John Barlow(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Hope Road tells an interesting story about a man who was born into a family of crime who, despite his best efforts to be legitimate, falls into the family's criminal path. The decided weakness for me is the writer's use of sentence fragments. Drives me crazy. (Yes, I did that purposefully.) I enjoyed the British terminology and some of the powerful descriptions, but I was dissatisfied with the conclusion. It's not a great book, but it's better than any book I'be written.
review 2: This was a Kindle freebie. It's the first in what the author plans will be a nine-book series. The protagonist is a man named John Ray, the son of a successful master counterfeiter in the north of England. His father has had a series of strokes and his brother, who had been
... morea ruthless criminal in his own right, was murdered. John, an accountant who has stayed out of the family business, has returned and fashioned a legitimate business from what had been his father's front and the hub for his criminal enterprises. Has John really left his family's criminal past? When his friend and employee is arrested for murder, John's activities also come under review. It's a very good first novel, smart and well-written. less
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I have a weakness for British crime books, this was a perfect fix for me.
good British writing. Main character tries to break free of family crime.
Well crafted thriller which twisted and turned right to the end.
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