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Maybe With A Chance Of Certainty (2011)

by John Goode(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 8
1613721269 (ISBN13: 9781613721261)
Tales from Foster High
review 1: Overall, I tend to be an easy reader. I can suspend reality so that crazy scenarios or plot twists seem reasonable, even far fetched events won't bother me. If, and only if, the writing is compelling, smooth, and engaging. This book is so close to real life there is no reason to even need to suspend my reality to connect with Kyle and Brad. I was sucked in immediately. I admit that I can be a skimmer of backstory and want to jump to the dialogue sections of a book but the writing was so addictive I was starved to read every metaphor and description possible.So many times I wanted to stand up and shout my support for these two and be there for them when no one else would. This book pulls every heartstring I ever had! One of the best!
review 2: The series
... more begin introducing Kyle and Brad.Kyle is a boy who worked at being a invisible student at Foster High School in Texas. Brad is jock, very popular boy, but no so good at studying.So, Brad asks Kyle to help him in History, because if Brad doesn’t get good grades he might no be able play anymore.And so they meet.It’s an ok story at start, and it gets more interesting as you read it. You get to identify yourself with both characters. less
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Cute cute cute... as much as life for these boys suck, being inside Kyle's head is a treat.
If all the little shorts were bound into one novel this could have been better.
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