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John Green Limited Edition Boxed Set (autographed) (2012)

by John Green(Favorite Author)
4.61 of 5 Votes: 3
Dutton Books
review 1: This is kind of book that will put your emotion in spin. Once you read the first page, you'll be dying to jump to the end. Frankly, I hate that kinda feeling bcause when I happen to read a book, I don't wanna rush it, I enjoy each part of me being dragged in the story line. Nonetheless, John Green is quite a genius that makes me dying curious to know what happens at the end? what will happen to Augustus Waters? will Hazel be survive? daaarn it haunted me everytime, in positive way of courseAnyhow, aside of all that. This book is the one you shouldn't miss. A complicated story wrapped in catchy and light string of words, make us easier to digest the message. My fav character is Augustus Waters, the bold, mysterious, cool and sweet guy. I love him.
review 2: John
... more green is by far my favorite author. he inspires me tremendously and with everything he writes, it's like I feel like he understands me and just life. the way he writes is so true and real and his books are so good that I'm selfish when it comes to sharing them with other people. it's like I want to be the only one to read them because I want to be the only connected to them, even though so many young adults love them. I really recommend these books less
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John Green is such a genius!!!!
I actually cried.
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