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Will Grayson, Will Grayson (2010)

by John Green(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 4
0525421580 (ISBN13: 9780525421580)
Dutton Children's
review 1: I loved this book so much. I enjoyed reading this book so much and its probably one of my favorite books. I loved how there were two boys named Will Grayson and told both of their stories at the same time. At first I didn't get that it was both of their stories at the same time but then and event occurred and made me realize that it was both of their stories. This book has a lot of character put on to it. It funny and sad too. while I was reading this book I wouldn't want to out it down; I wanted to keep reading it. the story line was really great and I enjoyed reading this book
review 2: I was really excited about reading this novel. I have a fondness for John Green and his Vlog, although I am not his biggest fan when it comes to writing. Nonetheless I had hig
... moreh expectations of this collaborative work. I was a little let down. Although Green once again delvers a quirky geeky character that falls for the girl, at this point it felt really repetitive. Levithan's Will was really interesting and well written. His sarcasm and mental instability was really a breath of fresh of air in the novel. But I was left with an overall feeling of blandness. It was just, kind of there. The love story aspect felt incredibly boring and forced. Green's Will didn't really go through the "life will never be the same" change that I feel was promised. The only interesting quality was the character Tiny. For the record, I hated him. I thought he was incredibly annoying. However, he was the only character that I found I had actual feelings and thoughts about. Everyone else was just there. It was a very slow novel. There wasn't really anything that made it amazing, but there was nothing that made it horrible. I applaud the authors for writing gay characters that aren't a cliche. However, I will not lie, the theater nerd in me loved the ending. So for the musical ending and Levithan's writing I give it a three. I am hoping Green can crawl out of the stereotype he has dug himself into. All in all I would recommend it as a light read, but don't get your hopes up for the next great YA novel. less
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Super funny with some real strong emotional parts! Only down side is the extreme cursing. Not a fan.
My absolute favorite John Green book! So fun to read and great story!
This book was so UHHHMAZING!
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