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The John Green Collection (2013)

by John Green(Favorite Author)
4.61 of 5 Votes: 3
Dutton Children's
review 1: John Green is such an amazing writer, he has a way with words that just make them flow on to the page and you understand and picture what is happening in the beautifully connected stories. Each story has a message that is so life changing and mind blowing that you just can't and you put the book down and think about it and just smile like no one has made you smile before. All of his novels are just to spectacular that they don't even have a word for how spectacular they are. I love John Green's personality as he writes like your sitting next to him and your just talking to each other like buds. He has a true gift with words and stories and he should never stop writing. He is magnificent author and beautiful writer.
review 2: I will admire john greens work for i
... morenvolving quite a few good references and the research he used for his novels but, that's about it. Maybe, I missed the bandwagon years ago and out grew his writing style before ever being introduced to it or maybe it's because I haven't seen any of his vlogs and nor do I wish to. It's safe to say i just don't appreciate him like my other peers did. Other than that, if i had a 12-16 year old child/student who had yet to discover the joys of reading and wouldn't take too well to fantasy I'd expose them this set in hopes of getting them into books (He does make some good allusions to other works and does cater to young readers needs) less
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Very good... Easy, touching, a bit predictable and simple
refer to individual reviews of this majestic boxset
I literally screamed when I bought it :D
my favorite collection of books
All except AOK were fabulous
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