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John Green Box Set: Looking For Alaska / An Abundance Of Katherines / Paper Towns / The Fault In Our Stars (2012)

by John Green(Favorite Author)
4.61 of 5 Votes: 4
0525426094 (ISBN13: 9780525426097)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: This book is like what Augustus Waters said : It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” It is such a real privilege that this book broke my heart, it made my heart twisted. Gus and Hazel Grace' (I like the way Gus call her like that) love shows friendship and great companion and strength to one another. You really need to have enough strength and tissue before reading this. Thank you John Green, another great author :)) About the upcoming movie, well I am both addicted to books and movies, and I observed that many are complaining about the official casts. For me, about the casts, as a reader I have a right to imagine the perfect and Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster for me, but I can't say to the director or the whole casting team that they picked... more wrong persons to play as Gus and Hazel because they are readers of The Fault in our Stars too, they have their own imagination of what those characters look like. We have our own minds to imagine the characters, they are just lucky to have the capability to turn out into a moving picture all of how they imagined the whole story. Now for the movie, no matter what they dont have the casts according to my own mind it doesn't matter, all I hope is, may they still preserve the greatness of the whole story. One more thing, in reading we don't fell in love of how they look, we fell in love of who really they are.
review 2: John Green has got to be one of the world's best artist. He creates a character that has a kind of intelligence that readers love to indulge. And of course, the girl of the book, has to be quite mysterious and have a quirky intelligence that intrigues both the reader and the male character. Green himself, is a interesting person. The books all include a different kind of trigger that makes you want to know MORE. It makes you read 'between the lines', and makes you think of the deeper meaning. The four books are truly a wonder that people who love fictional literature should read. Though the endings of some, may cause people to differ from others. less
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