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The Plantagenet Vendetta (2000)

by John Paul Davis(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I was really looking forward to this book as it combines two of my favourite genres, alternative history and medieval English history. Sadly it was a disappointment and could have been so much better. I found it poorly written, even childish at times, characters a bit wooden and as there were so many characters in the story, I often found it difficult remembering who was who. I still enjoyed it but not as much as my expectations. If only the likes of Ken Follett or Bernard Cornwall had written it, it would have been a masterpiece.
review 2: This is another exciting book by John Paul Davis, and like his previous books, I found it compelling reading and hard to put down. The plot centres on present day descendants of the Princes in the Tower, suggesting that they
... more actually survived, rather than the popular assumption that they were murdered. These present day descendants still resent the fact that their ancestors were denied the throne of England, and over the centuries since the time this happened, have plotted against the monarchy in a bid to reclaim their (perceived) birth right. The book explains the historical context well, and then moves to the present day, where the death of the current King is linked to their activities. It centres on investigative work by a TV journalist who uncovers both tombs of Plantagenet ancestors and the activities of their present day descendants. It is also apparent that the plotting will continue, as not all those responsible are arrested, and their sons will take the place of those now behind bars.As I said at the beginning of the review, I really enjoyed this book, and give it five stars. less
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It was so badly written I couldn't even finish it.
Not a great book but a quick enjoyable read
Very enjoyable
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