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The Tuloriad (2009)

by John Ringo(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 4
1439133042 (ISBN13: 9781439133040)
Posleen War: Sidestories
review 1: This is a indirect link in the Legend of Aldenata series. Of the others I've read in this series, I was 50/50 love/hate, so I did go into this with some trepidation. In this book, the "bad guys" from the series get a chance at redemption. There is a very interesting religious undertone to this book, but it's not preachy. All in all, an enjoyable read, but you HAVE to at least read the 1st three in the series, and the companion book "Yellow Eyes" to really enjoy this book. A good read for the military sci-fi fan.
review 2: For those that are die hard Aldenata fans, thus is a must read. Our favorite Posleen Tulustentaloor is back. When last we saw him the Indowy Aelool was making him an offer he could not refuse. Now we see what the Band Sidhe want from him.
... more..to find the origin of the Posleen and to see if they an change from what the Aldenata did to them. In this installment we learn more about the Posleen, where they came from, and the Aldenata as well. While the story suffers a bit, it reinforces the complexity of a race that initially was about as two dimensional as a sheet of paper. Through these stories, the Posleen have become a rich race as developed as any other race in the universe and in many ways more interesting. less
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An homage to the bond between society and mysticism. Entertaining if a bit over long.
I'm actually in this book as one of the Swiss Guard. Yay being a Barfly.
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