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Rabbit, Eine Rückkehr (2002)

by John Updike(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
3499235382 (ISBN13: 9783499235382)
Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag
Rabbit Angstrom
review 1: This brief novella reunites readers with Nelson, his mother, Janice, and his long-suffering wife, Pru. Harry a.k.a. Rabbit has been dead for ten years now. Janice has remarried, Nelson and Pru are separated, and Annabelle Byer discovers that yes, Harry is her biological father. As always, Updike splices this work with historical references that resonate with readers and bring the world to life. You do miss Harry, no matter how unlovable he was in real life. What I like most about this last trip to Brewer, PA, is that Updike offers his readers a sense that this world will continue and that things will work out after all.
review 2: I liked this, mostly because when the fourth and final Rabbit book concluded I was distraught at never again getting to read abo
... moreut the adventures of the problematic but loveable Rabbit Angstrom. This novella is held by Rabbit's son Nelson, who has turned from drug addict in the last of the Rabbit novels, to a Dali Lama quoting therapist at a day treatment center. Although the novella centers around Nelson the hoopla is focused around Annabelle, Rabbit's illegitimate daughter by Ruth, the woman he lived with for a short time in the first novel of the series, Rabbit, Run. She is told finally, by her dying mother, that her father was Rabbit and she surfaces in the lives of Rabbit’s son and former wife. So, plot summary aside, it was ok. Not as gripping as the Rabbit series, which I have read through twice each. But, it was nice to have a short glimpse back into the lives of the characters who I came to adore. less
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Not a patch in the first 4 rabbit novels but a welcome return to nelson and Janice's life. Pleasant!
Nice to check back in with everyone else and tie up some loose ends from the end of rabbit at Rest.
Gotta admit - liked the book better because Rabbit wasn't actually in it, and he was a jerk!
Not as good as the first four in the series, but a nice summing up of the whole.
Nelson is the worst. Some great short stories though.
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