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Always Looking: Essays On Art (2012)

by John Updike(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
0307957306 (ISBN13: 9780307957306)
review 1: Tasteful, intelligent.notes:preface: childhood photo on porch, "a majestic amount of steam in the kitchen""photo looks posed...poignant & tender"17..Eakins..man in single scull...stippled waves95..Vuillard..suffered from comparison w/Bonnard..102..an aura of sanctity, of respect for the toll that ordinary living took on him, tinges his friends' reminiscences110..Klimt..the drawings contributed to the iconography of the forbidden...depicted women in onanistic raptures, voluptuous theme of lesbianism123..Beckmann...painting pure and simple..packed human groupings127..shallow space crammed to the point of claustrophobia w/bleakly staring, unrelated figures156..Magritte's mother drowning suicide...face found to be covered by her nightdress....the many veiled or absent or explo... moreded or impassive or averted heads of his paintings have a psychic source...166..Oldenburg..monumentality of clothespin mocks the concept of monumentality..169..Lichtensteins 3-decade variations on the ingenious, hardworking artist's SINGLE IDEA, transporting into high art of reproduced commercial arts mechanical look185..Serra...thoughts on the process, cost, complications,....
review 2: I put down the book a few weeks ago, which is not out of the ordinary for me when reading (approaching) Updike. Since then I have joined this book club and will probably go back and read it again to the end. Updike, sometimes he,..if only he could help himself and not be so uh, I am trying to meld the kinetic image of 'slick' with the remote feel of footsteps as the recede down the hall, oddly louder, and more distant, the deeper in his book you read.At any rate, I will report back, if the hallway holds out... less
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other than the annoyance i feel at rich white men stating opinions (some wrong) as fact, an ok read.
Beautiful artwork and intelligent commentary
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