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Widows Of Eastwick (2008)

by John Updike(Favorite Author)
2.92 of 5 Votes: 5
0141038039 (ISBN13: 9780141038032)
Penguin Books
review 1: What the first one should have been. There was no chauvanist snark, the ladies were way more balanced as characters, and the story was beautiful. I enjoyed it infinitely more than "Witches". I do only give it 4 stars however, because I had to wrestle my way through some of Updike's overly long sentences that don't seem to go anywhere. There didn't seem to be as many of them as in the first book, but they were still present and still as tedious as ever.
review 2: Having read past novels of Updike, I was prepared for the long detailed descriptive sentences he presents on each page. He is most thorough in developing characters and settings, which quickly pulls the reader into the story. This made it easier for me to relate to the characters, as I had read The W
... moreitches of Eastwick and had seen the movie. Like me, the witches have aged, and are now as old as me, experiencing similar health problems as me. It was somewhat depressing discovering that even witches are unable to escape this life unscathed. less
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A broody look at the consequences of our youth in old age.
enjoyable but not as satisfying as Witches.
Decent airplane reading.
Why did I bother?
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