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The Widows Of Eastwick (2008)

by John Updike(Favorite Author)
2.92 of 5 Votes: 1
0307269604 (ISBN13: 9780307269607)
Knopf Publishing Group
review 1: This is the late-arriving sequel to The Witches of Eastwick, staged 25-30 years after the events of the first novel. The ladies are living far apart and lives much more mundane than when they lived in Eastwick. Updike's adjective-rich style continues making this book seem an actual continuation of the former. While not all of the events are satisfying to the reader, one does come away with a feeling of closure and completion. Enjoyable though not as piquant on the literary palate.
review 2: The first book was my favorite Updike novel. It was sexy, original, had rich description and the prose was well-written, which many of Updike's dense books aren't. I loved it very, very much. This book was well-written, but that's about the only truly good thing about
... moreit. It wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't a good book at all either. Considering how great the first was, I might almost say I wish this book hadn't been released because it interferes with my fond lasting impression of the first book, the crushes on and respect for the three suburban witches in their prime. The only bad thing about the first book was the ending which absurdly spoiled the story's juicy enchantment. Ideally, the witches would not have retired from witchcraft at the end of the first book, and this sequel would not have been needed to resurrect them back into their true identities. less
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Revisiting a few fondly remembered characters with themes of revenge and redemption. Sorta.
It is never a good idea for me to read books about women that are written by men.
Nice to visit but not much here to keep you interested.
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