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Limbus, Inc. (2013)

by Jonathan Maberry(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 4
1936564521 (ISBN13: 9781936564521)
Limbus, Inc
review 1: The best way to describe what I just finished: a series of short stories in genres I may not have read as standalones but which combined into a highly enjoyable book. Not perfectly true as they all tended to have a bit of science fiction and a bit of detective fiction. But I do not think I would have sought many of these out.If there is one weakness to this anthology, it's that the first story is so intriguing that I wanted more of a focus from the inner workings of Limbus, Inc. Or at least maybe half of the stories taking place from Limbus' point of view.
review 2: This shared-world anthology started off ok, then steadily got better with each story, until finishing with the best of them - and the whole reason I bought the book in the first place - Jonathan Mab
... moreerry's. A brilliant story that I wished went on for a LOT longer. I really hope to see Sam turn up in other stories. The concept of Limbus Inc was enjoyable, and I'll very probably pick up the next volume as well. less
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Interesting anthology with Limbus, Inc in the middle of it all. Now I need to get the second book.
Almost all the stories started brilliantly and then fizzled out. It was Meh.
Wow!! Loved this book. These authors were amazing! Definitely a don't miss!
Weird and somehow amusing.
Lovely fun
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