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VWars: A Chronicle Of The Vampire Wars (2013)

by Jonathan Maberry(Favorite Author)
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1613777175 (ISBN13: 9781613777176)
IDW Publishing
review 1: Well I loooved this book. So many things--the fact at a bargain price of $9 it seemed cheaper than most paperbacks are now; it's a substantial book but not too huge; the vampires were varied and each type well done--89 kinds of vampires & monsters? hell yes!--and the concept behind it. If I could give a million stars out for how these authors pulled it off, I would. Basic premise: melting in the ice shield unleashes an ancient dormant virus that mutates people's DNA. If there was a vampire, werewolf, catman, rattlesnake, bird-god in your distant primordial past, then guess what? You are now one of the infected or evolved, depending on your viewpoint. Some people are able to handle this responsibly, others not so much. Props on where there's not instant break down with anar... morechy, evil police, pyschotic clergyman as usually seen. In fact, people seem to be the most pissed off when renegade vampires take down TV and internet. Instead of just one author, it's done collaboratively with eight different authors with eight different storylines. Some I liked a bit more than the rest, but none that I straight up disliked or hated. All the various chapters went together very well, and when I was finished with one chapter (reluctantly) and started back on new one, I'd be like "oh yeah! rattlesnake girl!" and get sucked back into that story. Major points to Maberry for pulling this off and the other authors--I wish more books were done this way. Instead of being jarring too, the stories segue with each other really well, so however they worked together on this project, kudos.Also, as some of my other vampire reviews bear witness, I am picky about my vampires. Home run on this. Spooky, sympathetic, and definitely not stupid. I hope there are more of these books.
review 2: I’ve read a book by Jonathan Maberry. I don’t remember being all that thrilled with it, but I certainly enjoyed it enough to stick the name in my brain with a tickler in case I came across anything else he’d penned whilst browsing my local bookstore. As I’m usually fascinated with monster stories, I came across the anthology of his – V-WARS – with some delight. I picked it up … and, after only reading about a third of it, I’m done with it.Sadly, V-WARS is the worst kind of fiction available in the marketplace today: it has to advertise itself as something that it isn’t in order to woo readers, much less buyers. It advertises prominently on the front, “they are hunting us,” and – by “they” – I would assume they’re talking about vampires. After all, that’s the subject matter of the book. Flip it over and, on the back, you’re told, “They are already here. They hide among us. They hunt us. They feed on us. They are us.”With a name like V-WARS, you’d think that this was going to be some big epic or, at the very least, have some “wars” in it. However, let me assure you that, by page 150, there was no war. There were no hints of war. In fact, there’s nothing even remotely resembling a war in here.What there is is a loosely connected series of short stories cobbled together around the theme that vampires can culturally be anything these writers want them to be. They can be daywalkers. Some can burn in the sun. Some are just like you and me, except for the fact that they require blood in their diet to survive. Honestly, I reached a point wondering what the publisher (IDW) thought they were doing: Maberry contributes basically a novella and what looks to be maybe another short story or two to this thing … but when your go-to-roster includes stinkburger chef Keith R.A. Decandido in the line-up it’s pretty clear you’re reaching for mediocrity more so than greatness.But – again, for the record – there’s no war in here … at least not in the first 150 pages, so I’m tossing this one into the heap and chalking up one more lesson learned: never judge a book by its name … or its cover.NOT RECOMMENDED. less
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Pretty good! An easy fun read with that brought up interesting social questions.
Half of narration is good the other half is bad.
Cool use of vampires. I enjoyed this book a lot.
Wow! I enjoyed this.
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