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Fire & Ash (2013)

by Jonathan Maberry(Favorite Author)
4.4 of 5 Votes: 4
1442439920 (ISBN13: 9781442439924)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Benny Imura
review 1: I really enjoyed Fire and Ash, the fourth book of the Rot and Ruin series. It is not only about zombies, which I found to be awesome, but it was also about teenagers and their struggle in this world of the living dead. I thought it was cool because I could relate to the way the teenagers behaved and the way they thought when they weren’t killing people and zombies. There are three types of zombies. The slow and dumb (R1), the kind of smart ones that are a little faster (R2), and thenfast and smart (for a zombie) ones (R3). They aren’t the only enemy though, there is a group of people called the Night Church They believe that a Greek god of death called Thanatos started the apocalypse to end all human life. So there goal is to kill off all human beings on the planet. Th... moreey have an army of around 45,000 people who joined either because they truly believe in Thanatos or because the Night Church had attacked their safe zones and said they could join or die which was pretty persuasive considering how they have more people than all the nine towns in California combined. What Benny and his friends don’t know is that through most of the book is that this entire army is headed to the area where they grew up to get revenge for what happened to the Night Church in the last book. My favorite part in the book was at the end where Benny comes up with a plan to save the towns after they find out the Night Church was going to attack, and he wipes most of them out and forces the rest to surrender.
review 2: This was a wonderful book and I'd gladly recommend this book to middle and high schoolers. I think this would be a good book and will keep any reader on their toes in the suspense especially to people who like zombie books. One connection I made to Benny was when he would protect his friends from any harm because that belief of his is one of my beliefs also, and if anyone were to try to harm my close friends they would have to get through me. What amazes me the most about this story is the amount of hope that Benny and his team have about curing the Reaper Plague and it just makes me have a warm feeling inside because of how much hope and faith are in their hearts no matter how bad everything gets in their lives. This hope inside of them makes them the best characters in any story I have read about and I feel like everyone should have their same faith and hope in everyday life. less
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A fitting conclusion to the series. I will miss Benny and the samurai.
A well written series. Great ending. It's my new favorite.
Great series!
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