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A New Darkness (2014)

by Joseph Delaney(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 3
0370332210 (ISBN13: 9780370332215)
Bodley Head
The Starblade Chronicles
review 1: I don't think I've ever been this utterly enraged at an ending of a book before. I was angered about the ending of Gone With the Wind, but this was a different anger. I had to put the book down and yell in anger and protest before I picked it back up to finish the last few pages. How can you toy with my heart like this, Joseph Delaney??The Wardstone Chronicles is definitely one of my favorite series. And saying that, I was ready for it to end with the 13th (and what I thought was the last) book. But Delaney picked up Tom Ward's story right up in A New Darkness. Of course I was happy to delve more in Tom's life and story, but after finishing this I knew that this new spin-off lacks quite a bit of the magic that the Wardstone Chronicles held. I'll still have to read t... morehe last two books in this new trilogy because GAH - that cliffhanger.The blurb for this book says that you don't have to read the original series to enjoy this book, but I highly disagree. This book is too short and packed with too much information about new worlds, languages and characters without the back-story giving any of it any justice. How can you be as in love or care about Tom as deeply if you hadn't read his life and growth in the first 13 books? You just can't, and that's what this book is really all about.
review 2: Can this truly be Tom's end? Or is Jenny right, and he is somehow resurrected? I can't bear the thought of losing Tom... I enjoyed this book, as I have all of them so far. I like Jenny as s new character--she is bursting with personality. And who can complain at being able to spend more pages with the delightfully mysterious, bright and intriguing Grimalkin, the witch assassin? I will eagerly await the next book... less
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Sw-eet. I am looking forward to this series. Female spook just screams "READ ME".
Exciting, dark and a fab new kick-off! Bring on the next. Review to come...
As awesome as his other Spook's books. Can't wait for the second one.
Not sure if I liked it or not.
.......... GRARGH............
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