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The Spook's Destiny (2011)

by Joseph Delaney(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 3
037033180X (ISBN13: 9780370331805)
Bodley Head
The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles
review 1: Having just barely survived the demons on the island of Mona, Thomas, the Spook, and Alice travel to Ireland. Thomas is plagued by nightmares of a witch he and another spook killed months ago. One that threatened her goddess Morrigan would take revenge on Thomas if he ever stepped foot in Ireland. Now the goddess is set on having her revenge, and the Fiend is a step closer to having Thomas in his clutches.Fantastic read. Fast-paced, intense, and dark. I love this series!At my library, the first seven books are located in the Juvenile books section. From book eight on, they are YA. I think it's the right point for the change. The series is an intense one from the beginning, but with the growth of Thomas and Alice, we're in YA territory now.
review 2: Fun series,
... more I'm enjoying it so far. But I just discovered there will be two more books now (this is the 8th of 12), and I really, really hate that about an ongoing serial; I avoid such books if if I know. I'll finish these up in short order, then have to wait a year for the next one, and then still wait ANOTHER year. Ugh. I hate forgetting the story in between. So be forewarned. Delaney's writing is interesting; half the time I feel like there is no emotion whatsoever (one of the drawbacks of first person), and I'm annoyed that the characters are wooden; then suddenly I realize I'm reading like mad to find out what happens next, and have forgotten that's there's a problem with the emotion. These later books have shown great improvement in that aspect, which really helps with the empathy one needs for the characters. I plan on reading all of the books, even if I have to wait. If I don't forget...no guarantees after a full year. less
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I just really love this series. And the next one has been on hold for A WHILE...uh-oh!
I like the stories but I would like to see Tom start standing on his own to feet.
This series is so so fun
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