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Suspicion (2014)

by Joseph Finder(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 2
0525954600 (ISBN13: 9780525954606)
Dutton Adult
review 1: A un thriller non si chiede di essere un capolavoro letterario, bensì di tenere alta la tensione. Il sospettato è un romanzo adrenalinico dall'inizio alla fine. Niente tempi morti, nessuna concessione al superfluo. Finder utilizza con maestria la tecnica dello "show don't tell". Ho letto quasi in apnea, perchè il ritmo toglieva letteralmente il fiato. Questo autore diventerà presto di casa nella mia libreria.
review 2: I almost put this book away and didn't finish it. I thought the beginning was very weak. I'm glad I persisted as I really enjoyed it later. I still think there were a couple of weaknesses which are almost fatal flaws. First, whatever was he doing having a daughter in an exclusive private school which he obviously couldn't afford? That offende
... mored my sensibilities regarding financial responsibility. And the way the book wrapped up was very weak when you think about it? How did he know that all the protagonists would congregate at the boat at the end? Did he assume his daughter would be kidnapped and he would be forced to go there with one of the bad guys? It actually made no sense the way it was written. less
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Quick read, typical Joseph Finder, good suspense factor, liked the plot and characters.
This is was a good suspense book, so if u like suspense u will love this book!
audio -- too predictable and not memorable.
Perfect brain candy, summer read :)
A very good but troubling novel.
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