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The Afterlife Of Stars (2014)

by Joseph Kertes(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
Penguin Canada
review 1: This is one of the most poignant, funny, poetic and gripping novels I have read in the last ten years. The harrowing yet hilarious tale of two brothers escaping Communist Hungary will make you laugh and make you cry. It will transport you as only the very best novel can. Here’s what two of my favorite authors, Anne Michaels and Tim O’Brien, have to say about this extraordinary and exceptional book:"The Afterlife of Stars moved me more than any novel I've read in recent memory. It hypnotizes. It delights. It shines on every page with quiet, implacable, blanketing beauty -- like a snowfall. Beyond all else, The Afterlife of Stars reaches into your chest and takes hold of your heart and does not let go, not even after the last page is turned. The Afterlife of Stars ke... moreeps shining on. What an exquisite novel." Tim O'Brien"We meet the Beck brothers at the very moment history lays its claim onthem. Their bond is sure to become one of literature's great and sustaining relationships. Joe Kertes writes with tremendous love for the idiosyncratic and passionate loyalties of family. With masterful concision, he expresses the trauma of an era. This is a book of remarkable scope and depth; unforgettable and deeply moving." Anne Michaels
review 2: I really did not enjoy this book. While the story was well written, I found the two brothers very unlikable. The relationship between the two of them seemed very odd - not as much brothers as friends, and the way Attila spoke to Robert weirded me right out. The story felt like I had read it before - exile during WW2 - combined with confusing family "secrets" and the constant annoying questions and observances by Attila. Leave this on the shelf. less
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A challenging read in that it was difficult to relate to the narrator / main protagonist.
The Afterlife of Stars is a remarkable book by a gifted author. A must read.
An amazing, heartfelt and gripping read. Highly recommended!
Highly recommended. Fantastic portrayal of siblings.
3.5 stars
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