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Carthage (2014)

by Joyce Carol Oates(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 4
Fourth Estate
review 1: 2.5 Does reading 200 pages count? I simply could no longer take Oates run on sentences and quasi-stream of consciousness writing. The plot was interesting... Iraqi war vet comes home seriously wounded. He and his fiance break up. Her younger sister is found murdered... he is the prime suspect. Appreciated it... but didn't like it. As one other Goodreads reviewer put it- you can just picture the prolific Oates at the typewriter (computer), churning out this entire novel in one fell swoop with no editing done.
review 2: You go into a Joyce Carol Oates novel expecting it to be dark, and this novel is dark. It's creepy and although she is such an able story-teller and the prose is really outstanding, the motivations of the characters never quite felt believable. An
... mored so dark and weird things happen and it is never really all that clear or convincing why they happen. And yet the characters are interesting and some of the insight is memorable (effects of grief on a family and the effects of war on a veteran) and so I continued listening, rapt, to this reading of an interesting but far-from-perfact book. less
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Cloying is a good word for Oats' writing. Hated the characters.
A good book, but not my favorite from Ms. Oates.
Oates is at her best once again!
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