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Mudwoman (2012)

by Joyce Carol Oates(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 1
0062095625 (ISBN13: 9780062095626)
review 1: La calidad literaria de Oates está, a estas alturas, fuera de toda duda. Su habilidad para atrapar al lector y hacer interesante y ameno lo que no siempre resulta tan asequible y fácil, es incuestionable. Pero esta vez a mí la cosa no me ha acabado de convencer, no por calidad sino por temática. Hay una cierta indefinición en esta historia, un moverse entre lo real y lo onírico, entre lo vivido y lo imaginado, que ya se sabe que no resulta muy de mi agrado. A la historia, sin duda tan política como se cuenta, le falta concreción y el final tampoco es que me haya vuelto loca.
review 2: Although Oates nailed the sense of place and planted the foundation for a compelling story, it meandered painfully. The stilted dialogue (an attempt to be poetic?) made it
... more difficult to embrace the central character. I kept slogging through, hoping it would add up to something; perhaps insight into the relationships in her life, a greater understanding of the protagonist, or some sort of cathartic experience. Instead I was just left wondering why it ended when it did. less
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I love Joyce Carol Oates, but this book was just plain weird in some parts and I hated the end.
JCO at her strangest and most captivating. I'm still thinking about what this book means.
Riveting from beginning to end. Oates' structure masterful.
difficult read... jumps around a lot. weird
Oh, I struggled with this one!
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