#9 – Hatebreed/Six Feet Under – 9/13/02

This was the best show top to bottom that Foxtown has ever put on in my time of going to shows out there.  Hatebreed/Six Feet Under/Shadows Fall would be a killer lineup today in a much larger venue let alone a tiny venue in SE Kansas in 2002.  There was probably an opening band but I have no knowledge of that.  Shadows Fall flat out toured their asses off and it felt like every few shows I went to they were there.  As usual with them I just cannot remember what all they played.  I’m sure it was probably heavy with Art of Balance songs.  Killer band, I still hold out hope they will be back together at some point.

Next up after that was Six Feet Under.  Holy shit, my first death metal experience.  My knowledge on anything really heavy was minimal at best.  Meshuggah was pretty heavy and of course having seen Hatebreed a few times was heavy but this was the heaviest band I had seen at this point.  I don’t remember absolutely loving it, I don’t remember absolutely hating it.  I was probably more curious about what I was hearing than anything else.  Of course I had no idea about what I was watching, I have no idea at all what they played but I think they played 4:20 which is a little bit different sounding than most SFU tracks which is how I probably managed to remember even anything from them playing.

Same thing with Hatebreed.  They also toured their asses off in the early 2000s as it felt like every few shows I was at they were always on the bill too.  They are still one of the most consistent bands in metal.  I just wish I could remember much from this show.  I was able to find a setlist online that I think is probably pretty close to what they played.  Such a killer set, this would be an awesome old school Hatebreed setlist to hear now.  Top to bottom just an awesome bill at Foxtown.

Remain Nameless
You’re Never Alone
Driven by Suffering
Raining Blood
Betrayed by Life
A Call for Blood
Smash Your Enemies
Empty Promises
Burn the Lies
Hollow Ground
Mark My Words
Healing to Suffer Again
Last Breath
Burial for the Living
Worlds Apart
Before Dishonor
I Will Be Heard

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