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Moon Dance (2009)

by J.R. Rain(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
0557175216 (ISBN13: 9780557175215)
Vampire for Hire
review 1: I am not much a fan of vampire fiction.. It's not that I hate it.. mostly I feel they don't do justice to the characters or they don't develop them enough to give them individuality to separate themselves from the cliche of vampire fiction...But this book clearly exceeded expectations(Yes! I am a potterhead :P) on that level.. I liked the way author has developed characters and even the simplistic approach of weaving them into the plot.. But the plot itself fell short of WoW and went into kinda "okay".. I am not even talking about the writing style.. There is no style to write about.. Too simple... Which makes the book fall into unremarkable category .. It's sort of disappointing.. I finished the series within a week but I don't feel the need to pick it up again.. It sor... moret of a massive failure in luring in second-time readers...
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed this first start to the series and am already onto the second book. I purchased the full 8 books for a good price and am glad I did. J.R. Rain captivated me from the start. Here is an ordinary working mum (Samantha Moon) with the perfect family life.. two kids and a husband. When six years ago she is attacked and left for dead but she doesn't die, instead her attack was vampiric. Samantha Moon leaves her career as an FBI Agent and now is a Private Investigator. She advises her clients the reasons for working nights is due to a skin condition that does not allow her to work in direct sunlight. She is given a case to find out who tried to kill Kingsley Fulcrum and during this case, all hell breaks loose in her perfect family life. Her husband cheats on her and kicks her out of the family home and breaks her contact with the kids. Without going into too much detail as to give the story away, read it and you should enjoy! less
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Vampire/Urban Fantasy. Perfect read for laying by the pool in 105 degree heat in Vegas!
It's different from other vampire books I tried. I liked it.
Easy reading!
3.5 stars
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