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ZooZical (2011)

by Judy Sierra(Favorite Author)
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0375968474 (ISBN13: 9780375968471)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: Genre: Modern fantasyAge: 4-8Summary: The animals in the zoo are experiencing the winter blues. There is snow everywhere, and the animals are becoming sad. They decide to put on a musical that they call Zoozical. The people from the town hear about it, and on performance night the theatre is packed! The Zoozical cheers all of the animals up, and the townspeople love it.Reflection: I love Marc Brown's illustrations. My boys and I watch Arthur on PBS quite a bit. I loved the illustrations and the rhymes in this book.
review 2: Pretty cute. I am prone to dislike rhyming books. They grate on me. But this one, I like. The rhyme rolls right off the tongue, doesn't feel forced, and is full of fun phrases, to boot. It's winter and no one is coming to the zoo. Families
... moreare staying home where it's warm, schools aren't taking field trips to outdoor locations. The animals are bored, bored, bored, until one little hippo hops out of the way of a collapsing large hippo. A tiny kangaroo sees him and hops, too, and soon they're hopping all over the zoo, energizing all the other animals. Before long, they've all decided to use their dancing and musical talent to put on a show. Kids will recognize the songs the animals are singing ("The Seals on the Bus", "If You're Hoppy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws", "Oh My Darling Porcupine", "It's a Tall World After All" (giraffes, of course), "For He's a Jolly Gorilla", and more. They may also look at the gouache-on-wood illustrations and say, "Hey! These pictures look like Arthur!" And they'll be right, as the popular picture book and tv character's creator Marc Brown has shared his talents here. All in all, this is just more fun than...well, than a barrel of monkeys--and hippos, and zebras, and bears, and elephants, and.... less
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layered textured bright illustrations. great rhyming. full of joy.
Cute, not for storytime, rhyming and kind of long
i love this book the animals are so cute
it was a good rhyming book
My 1st graders loved it!
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