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Cuckoo (2011)

by Julia Crouch(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 2
0755377974 (ISBN13: 9780755377978)
review 1: I'm not someone who needs a big explosion at the start of a story, but it would be nice if something actually happened somewhere within the book's pages. This novel seemed to contain endless scenes of vomit-inducing middle-class life: the Aga! The Barbour jacket! The Aveda bath oils! The bloody coffee machine (which gets so much airtime it's almost a seperate character itself)! The worthy local market shopping instead of Waitrose! And, my favourite, the Le Creset saucepans, which Rose checks are still intact to 'reassure' herself. Yes, that's the first thing I would do too if I thought I was losing my mind - if your overpriced Le Cresets are okay, you're okay. Yuck. Rose is wet sap, and just needs to chuck that Polly the hell out, already! But she doesn't. And st... moreill, nothing really happens except a lot of nappy-changing and school runs. Which, by page 400, was enough to give me the mental runs. Ugh.
review 2: I was unsure whether to read having read a few reviews which ummed and ahhed about the book. I now know why! Whilst its an engaging an easy read, which keeps you on the edge of the cliff with a "She's behind you!" type feeling throughout, I found the ending a little contrived and cheap. Almost akin to those 'and it was all a dream' endings to stories we wrote in primary school thinking it was an AMAZING twist. That said, it is definitely worth the read. I purchased on kindle for £3 something and it was well worth it but had it been full priced I may have been a little disappointed. This was my follow on book to 'The Nearest Thing to Crazy" which in my opinion is a much cleverer version of the genre, with better characterisation. It is more psychological, where this book is more slow and steady, and generally less intense (despite the wafts of bondage and crotch sniffing which appeared out of nowhere, hinting at something dark which never truly develops). less
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This is a good one! Can't say it ended the way I wanted it to but had trouble putting it down!
Great book well worth a read but couldn't put it down do housework went undone for a few days!
Great read with a lots of suspense. Bit of a weak ending.
Saw everything coming. Not a single suspenseful moment.
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