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Married By Midnight (2012)

by Julianne MacLean(Favorite Author)
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Julianne MacLean
Pembroke Palace
review 1: I do so love broken characters! Anne is a soiled dove, ruined by scandal a few years ago and hiding with her uncle in e country. When she is offered a proposal to marry in a sham marriage, with a contract providing her with an income to support herself independently, she agrees. Garrett is the bastard son of the Duke, though no one outside the family knows it. He is haunted by his past, so when his father announces hat if he doesn't marry by Christmas Eve, all of his brothers and himself will be denied their inheritances, he decides to let his brothers arrange a bride for him. What neither of them expects is to be attracted to the other. I would definitely read more from this author.
review 2: I must start off by saying that as of this moment I haven't read the
... more other books in this series. The good thing is that fact didn't take away from this story. Yes, I want to know how the romances came about for the siblings that came before Garrett, so in that case I will go back and read the other books in the series. Anyway, Lady Anne is shunned by her family and society for a youthful indiscretion and living with a relative that she doesn't really like and who only tolerates her when she is approached by Sinclair brothers to marry their younger brother and be rewarded handsomely.What girl with no prospects would turn down the chance to be able to live independently and have financial security by marrying someone in name only and then having the freedom she craves. Garrett just want to have the marriage down with to secure the family fortune and receive the inheritance he will gather after his marriage. He doesn't care who the bride is, which is the reason his brothers are doing the choosing. When these two meet the chemistry is undeniable. During their journey to the altar, secrets will be revealed, lust will be slackened, and true love will conquer all. less
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book, a good read. Would recommend as a light read.
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4 1/5 ★★★★Nice read
A very cute light read.
Highly entertaining.
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