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Training The Receptionist (2010)

by Juniper Bell(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 4
1605049492 (ISBN13: 9781605049496)
Samhain Publishing
The Receptionist
review 1: The concept was good - It felt original which made it bearable to read. The writing switched tense more times than I change underwear. I liked that she was a bit of a different protagonist, but there were still parts of her personality I thought were quite cliché and I felt that the book would've been so much better if we'd known more about her backstory - so she grew up in Long Island and her mother abandoned her? Why cant we know the things surrounding her mum's departure, her fathers alchoholism? The other thing that bothered me was the ménage scene. I love ménage, I cant get enough of it, but this one didn't feel very thought out. I can usually see when a writer puts a lot of effort into writing a scene where 3 people are having sex with each other and they have the... moreir needs and likes and I think that if she had stopped it or even that she couldn't do it would have added a really good twist to the story and made a really good cliffhanger to see what would happen with the relationship
review 2: Lucky Dana. Unable to keep a job more than a couple of months, perpetually unemployed Dana Arthur has landed a job as the receptionist for Cowell & Dirk. Dress Code: black teddies, corsets and no pantiesJob Responsibilities: Answer telephone calls professionally while receiving mind blowing oral stimulation.Reports to: hunky Simon Dirk with the mesmerizing green eyes and pirate's grin-with a body to die for.Salary: Seriously?! who cares.My only complaint is that the ending was too abrupt and Simon's reactions were a little puzzling at times. The author would have done better to combine these novellas into one book and just charge more, but I'd still recommend these as fun, smexy reads. less
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Holy smutyness. Short and oh so sweetMy BDS sisters need to read this STAT! Hy
great great too short read. i loved the story and the characters.
Nice short read, but I wasn't overly impressed.
It was a hot hot hot book.
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