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All Star Western, Vol. 1: Guns And Gotham (2012)

by Justin Gray(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 1
1401237096 (ISBN13: 9781401237097)
DC Comics
All Star Western Vol. III
review 1: The Jonah Hex/Amadeus Arkham team-up was very clever and I enjoyed it as a Gotham City prequel. (References to Alan Wayne, the Gates brothers, etc.) Other than that it didn't seem very inspired, but westerns aren't really my genre so I can't comment much more about that or the El Diablo story. I loved the story about the Barbary Ghost, though. It was more original than any of the others in the collection, and it was awesome they had a story about a woman in the first story of All Star Western. (Not only A woman--Yanmei Tsen is an AWESOME woman.)
review 2: Jonah Hex can stand on an exposed porch and shoot down 12 men coming at him with horses and rifles. Jonah Hex can take out ten men in a saloon with nothing more than his fists and a knife. Jonah Hex can surviv
... moree being thrown into an underground raging river and falling over a waterfall into a pitch-black bottomless pit. Jonah Hex can kill a gigantic man-eating bat by stabbing it in the chest with a torch. How can Jonah Hex do all this without even getting a piece of dirt in his eye? Because he's Jonah Hex! less
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Love Westerns, like Hex, like pre-modern-day Gotham. Only weakness was the backup stories.
Way cool. What a nice surprise!
Jonah Hex, what's not to like.
thanks Moritat.
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