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Timing Is Everything (2011)

by J.V. Altharas(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This is my first taste from Mr. Altharas. I say taste because that's all he gave me in this short story. I REALLY liked it. Hot. It was too short for me though. I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened next. I want a whole weekend filled with kinky BDSM play! (I'm a greedy little glut, aren't I?) I want to read more about Marcus Dom-ing two women. I want to read more about Tasha maybe being a switch. Will she continue to Domme Katrina? Or will Tasha become the weekend plaything? What dastardly kinky sex acts will Marcus force Katrina to suffer through with lustful pleasure? What other toys will be used? Oh my imagination is going wild! Would I rather be Tasha or Katrina? Decisions, decisions...
review 2: And this author does Contemporary BD
... moreSM erotica just as well as his fantasy writings! I sooooo wanted more at the in of this, the big tease. I have a feeling people are shorting this author a star because they like his writing but they don't want to like the subject matter. Well, the writing is fantastic, and I live BDSM and am an avid fan when authors get it right! And this author GETS IT RIGHT! Bravo! less
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It was a good read but we need to know what happened next and how the weekend turned out
Short story. 8 pages.This author sure knows how to write erotic stories.
Quick lunchtime read, too short though
Pretty hot read. Some ff play
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