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Through Splintered Walls (2012)

by Kaaron Warren(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 1
Twelfth Planet Press
review 1: Through Splintered Walls is Kaaron Warren the short fiction master at her best; I read the first three stories in one sitting, and the final novella in another much longer one, that's how tightly they gripped me. I know most people are mainly talking about the award-winning novella, "Sky", which was truly excellent and traumatic, and could almost be a thematic and tonal companion piece to Paul Haines' "Wives" (now THAT would have been a double novella back-to-back to induce some serious depression!), but my personal favourite story in the book was "Road", a gentle and melancholy (if quietly creepy) ghost story. Nonetheless, all four stories were great, and the only flaw with this book was that it was too short! I wanted more!
review 2: A dark, affecting set
... moreof stories with a powerful sense of place, Warren's second collection of short fiction--including the novella "Sky"--portrays a sometimes haunted, sometimes Kafka-esque Australia filled with the desperate and the lonely. It's beautifully rendered in clean, sharp prose and viewed with a keen eye toward the conflicting motives of the human heart. Warren might not be doing the Australian tourist board any favors, but she is raising the profile of Australian writing. less
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Enjoyed this a great deal. A worthy, darker addition to the Twelve Planets series.
The last story reminded me why I don't normally read horror.
Creepy. Disturbing. Brilliant.
Great short stories
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