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Midnight Frost (2011)

by Kailin Gow(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 1
The EDGE Books
review 1: Okay... what the HELL. Why do I keep reading this damn series?!?! It's just awful.. Good grief. How do you know that a series sucks? When after 5 books NOTHING about the characters stays with you. Normally, I read a series and I'm in that characters world for days afterwards. Gow's feyland is the direct opposite. I can hardly even remember the names!! OMG so many plot holes, nothing is cohesive, and Breena is just a half-twit. Totally wasted a week of my time with this series. I've read fanfic better than this...
review 2: I did like this series overall, but I needed to vent on the love triangle crap. By the third or fourth book I was over the love triangle and ready for Breena to decide. I was annoyed that it seemed in each book she had made her "f
... moreinal" decision for Kian, claiming she could love no other and how she knew deep down it was always him, but then after she made that decision she would yet again waiver. Then after she made her decision she would say something about needing to let Logan know, but decided not to at that time for his feelings sake. Argh! Uh hello! Not telling Logan sooner basically made Kian AND Logan suffer. Idiot!I just get so annoyed when the brave, strong, and amazing heroine in the book can't seem to get her head outta her ass to figure out what she wants. It just smacks of selfishness and immaturity.Glad she finally stuck to what she wanted this time. 3.5 stars less
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My roommate got me on the Frost series. I can't put it down. Can't wait for this one.
The best book of the series so far!
This is the fifth book.
love this series :)
Mom is it good?
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