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While He Was Away (2012)

by Karen Halvorsen Schreck(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
140226402X (ISBN13: 9781402264023)
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review 1: A love story between a guy called David and a girl called Pena , They are 18 years old ,David join the army and he have to go to Iraq war for months and leave his girl friend alone. David was sending a letters for Pena everyday and Pena answer his letters . David's letters were too short , he tell her that he is fine and so on but Pena want him to tell her more such as, what he eat and when and why and where ! all these questions were in Pena's mind. She miss him a lot and she tell him that in every letter but he don't and Pena not sure about the reason. Day after day Pena feel sad and she want to be busy with something to make her thinking about her boyfriend less. David is always busy with the war and that's why he don't have that free time like Pena's do. The ending wa... mores unaccepted and surprising in the same time. I'll not say that I hate it or love it because it was and it will still a good reading experience.
review 2: Ok I normally don't write reviews but I know this book needed one. When I first picked it up I loved the cover in all aspects, title and picture. It drew me in. The same happened with the back and the synopsis of the book. I haven't read many stories like it so it was a chance. So I tried it. The first chapter, loved it, gave me the perfect amount of background. I got extremely excited to see what happens when he gets back yada yada. After that it went down hill. I understood the struggles she had but it had no life to keep me interested and I avoided reading it because it just made me feel depressed just thinking about getting through the full thing. I know I could've finished In a couple hours but instead it took me days. I get what the author was trying to prove but she didn't meet them at all and she didn't have to draw it out in this 200 pg book. I knew I really didn't like the book because the surprise at the ending didn't even shock me. I wouldn't mind checking out the second book if there ever is one but I'm not holding my breath for a sequel with the story from this one. less
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I still feel like its missing the last chapter
It was terrible.
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