Joanne’s Mystery Picks

by Laura Childs

Laura Childs is only one of the many authors who write a series of “hobby” mysteries.  You can find a series about almost any hobby – antiquing, decoupage, dolls, cooking, and even belly-dancing!  Childs is one of the better authors, in my opinion, and I’ve quite enjoyed both her scrapbooking and tea shop mysteries.

What you’ll generally find in these “hobby” mysteries is an “adequate” mystery, a collection of sometimes eccentric characters, and tips and ideas incorporating the hobby that the mystery is about.  Frill Kill takes place in New Orleans just before Halloween and so we’re treated to a good murder mystery along with some great decorating tips and ideas for the occasion.

These stories provide a good, cosy read when you just want a bit of “mind candy”. And everyone needs that every once in awhile.

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