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Koud Vuur (2012)

by Kate Elliott(Favorite Author)
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9024554047 (ISBN13: 9789024554041)
Luitingh Fantasy
review 1: Not nearly as strong as the first book in the trilogy. The world building continued to be intriguing as we expanded to the "Amerikes" but the political and historical background was a little underdeveloped for me. Also strange was the deus ex machina used to get all our main characters in the same location. Cat and Bee both seemed extra naive and frustrating in this book, like they'd reversed their growth from the end of the previous book. One would think that with their repeated claims of having mastered the Hassi Barahal spy-training that they would be less trusting (which they are, but of the wrong people) and more sneakily subtle. Camjiata is rather a murky, ill-defined antagonist - I'm not really sure what he wants or why he's so powerful but hopefully that will be ex... moreplained in the final book. Vai and all the trolls continue to be awesome, but the majority of other supporting characters are bland and annoying, particularly Kayleigh, Kofi, and assorted radicals.
review 2: This book was a slow start for me, which was disappointing because I loved the first book in this series, Cold Magic, so very very much. But I did ultimately get into it, and I'm starting on the next book now.Elliott has created a rich and interesting world, and complex characters, though I felt a little estranged from Cat, the main character. Even though the story is told in her first-person voice, there was quite a bit more description-of-action and less internal process than I like. She frequently tells us what she did rather than how she felt about it--or even why she did the things she did. This is a tough balancing act, however, I do understand that (having written some first-person narrators myself!). less
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I have really enjoyed this series. Hated to finish it.
Fun ...
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