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Le Goût Des Pépins De Pomme (2008)

by Katharina Hagena(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 3
2843375312 (ISBN13: 9782843375316)
Anne Carrière
review 1: This was a strange book. The book was set in Germany and originally written in German. The premise of a young woman inheriting her grandmother's house and living there for a week to decide if she should keep it sounded interesting. The jacket said the "... cottage is an enchanting place, where currant jam tastes of tears, sparks fly from fingertips, love's embrace makes apple trees blossom ..." I found it far from enchanting.It had elements of mysticism (for lack of a better term), something I don't normally like. It was mostly about a very dysfunctional family and the book consisted of descriptions of that dysfunction - some in the past and some in the present. Even the main character, Iris, was unusual. When she moves into the house, she doesn't have any clothing with he... morer other than what she was wearing. So, she resorts to wearing items from the closets, which are usually ball gowns.As I was reading it, I wondered about giving up on it. However, I wanted to see how it ended. I am glad I finished it but I still thought it was a strange, un-engaging story.
review 2: An interesting read, this novel is well-written and has believable, if somewhat eccentric, characters. I enjoyed the story, but, having read the 'blurb', I was expecting more. The prose is evocative, playing on the senses, but I didn't experience the emotion that was promised - maybe I just didn't empathise enough with the characters? It was a short read, and one I enjoyed, but I don't think it will be added to my 'favourites' nor the 'to re-read' list. less
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Não é que seja mau de todo, tem uma certa magi.. mas não faz o meu género.
A bit too slow, and no real action. Expected a bit more.
Loved the language in this book and the story line.
A nice gentle funny read
Das war mal schön!
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