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Pizza, Love, And Other Stuff That Made Me Famous (2012)

by Kathryn Williams(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 3
0805092854 (ISBN13: 9780805092851)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
review 1: This book is about a girl named Sophia and her one and only friend Alex. Alex convinces Sophia to do the show. She thought she wouldn't make it on the show. But she did! She hadn't told her dad yet, so he was very mad when he told him. But her dad eventually gives in a lets her go. When she goes there she realizeses it is harder than she thought to be true to her self. While she is threre she makes two new friends, Shelby and Stan. Shelby and Sophia get to be very close friends. Then one day they find a burn book Sophia thinks that Shelby wrote it, Stan helpes her find the coulpret. Will she find out who wrote the burn book? Will she win Teen Test Kitchen? Find out in "Pizza Love and other Stuff that made me Famous".This book was really good I liked it because, there a was... more a lot of cooking recipies in the book. I also liked it because, the main charactors name was Sophia And she did stay true to her self at the end. I would recamend this book to any person who loved drama and/or cooking.
review 2: I read this book in one sitting on a lovely Sunday morning (it took maybe 3 hours or so, I think). I wasn’t particularly enthralled at first; it seemed, for the first 10 pages or so, like the author tossed in backstory every chance she got, and I’ll admit it annoyed me a bit because to me, knowing every last detail about the protagonist’s life in the first 20 minutes is never a good thing. However, after I got over that little pet peeve, this little novel proved to be a charming read. I can’t say there was anything terribly original about it other than the droolworthy recipes included, but it was fun nevertheless. Sophie was a nice, likable character, and the rest of the cast, especially Stan and Shelby, were delightful to meet. There wasn’t too much drama or romance involved, and while there weren’t any shocking plot twists, my interest didn’t wane and I was pleasantly surprised that the author didn’t fall into some of the typical boxes that I would have put her in at the beginning. This novel turned out as a fun, fluffy, satisfying read that, with the culinary twist, was very refreshing. less
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Would love to give this a 3.5 - not quite a 4 but definitely above a 3...
Loved it cuz I am also greek
2.5 Stars.
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