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Perfect Formation (2010)

by K.B. Alan(Favorite Author)
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141996187X (ISBN13: 9781419961878)
Ellora's Cave
Perfect Fit
review 1: This is my favorite kind of story "Friends turned Lovers" But Miss KB throws in a twist and makes it friends turned lovers that find a stranger to make them a "perfect formation." Caleb stumbles across the two friends/lovers and is drawn to their beauty but then the two (Taryn and Richard) intrigue him more with their drunken flirting. Curious about the possibilities he pursues them. Things get super hot, very fast. The triad quickly form a relationship, but as with any relationship it has it ups and downs - and just just in bed. Once I started, I couldn't stop! KB Alan had me completely engrossed by the first few pages, I instantly fell for her characters and I felt for them and the struggles they were dealing with. They had me laughing with their exchange of light, playf... moreul, teasing of each other--they also had me keeping a tall glass of ice water next to me to help me cool down. The story never slows down, it keeps you interested, breathless and ravenous for more. I will warn you to beware - you will be panting and sweating from the scorching hot scenes, M/F/M and M/M/F - so read in public at your own risk . Enjoy ;)
review 2: I liked this story. It was hot and steamy in all the right place. Caleb, Richard and Taryn made a very cute and gorgeous couple. I liked how their families supported their relationship and let them be who they were. I liked how Caleb knew what he wanted and fought to keep their relationship together. And I also loved how Taryn and Richard opened up to accommodate Caleb into their life and relationship. I really liked it! less
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Nothing but sex from start to finish...can't take anymore, done at 80%. :-(
Definitely could have been better. Definitely not worth the money!
This book was absolutely fantastic!
review pending 2013
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