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The Island Of Doves (2014)

by Kelly O'Connor McNees(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
0425264580 (ISBN13: 9780425264584)
Berkley Trade
review 1: Was a little let down by portrayal of catholic priest and the catholic faith . It was mentioned often enough but it wasn't embraced by the characters . It almost felt like the author was more concerned about accuracy in describing the fur trade and island details than in presenting a sincere view of the catholic faith. I also felt like the last confrontation with Edward and Susannah was not in keeping with the theme of Susannah's redemption . The transformation in all the main characters was too last minute and lacking. So my rating goes from 4to 3.
review 2: This is the story of Susannah Fraser, an abused wife, who escapes to Mackinac Island in the Michigan territory in 1835. Susannah is the wife of a wealthy man in Buffalo who beats her. The beatings contin
... moreue until Susannah in fear of her life runs to a small Catholic church where the nun helps her. Her journey takes her by boat to Mackinac Island which is a very rural island that is just being discovered for its natural beauty. On the island she is helped by Magdelaine Fonteneau who in turn is helped by Susannah to see what she is missing in her life. It was an easy read. less
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Have always wanted to go to this island. Felt I was there for a few hours.
Interesting read about Mackinaw Island.
Good summer read.
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