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Vereist (2013)

by Kendra Elliot(Favorite Author)
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Bone Secrets
review 1: This second novel in the A Bone Secrets series will place you in the middle of a search and rescue mission in freezing temperatures with danger lurking and a romance brewing. Alex whom we met in the first novel "Hidden", is a former US Marshall still keeping tabs on the serial killer who murdered his brother. When the plane transporting the prisoner goes down he wrangles a spot on the search and rescue team heading into the wilderness to find the plane and check for survivors. He is immediately drawn to Brynn, the only female member of the SAR team. Their attraction to each other grows as they struggle to survive the elements and wait for a break in the weather to be rescued. As they realize the only person to survive the crash was the killer himself they must not only sur... morevive the freezing weather and snow, they must also keep their eyes and ears open for any signs of the killer who seems to know their every move. This is an intriguing and fast paced romantic thriller and even more exciting than the first one in the series.
review 2: There are a lot of characters that we bounce back and forth with. A search and rescue team is assembled to go into the Cascade Mountains to search for survivors of a plane crash. On board the plane were two pilots, a US Marshal and a serial killer. Sheriff Patrick Collins rounds up his SAR crew who are Jim Wolf and Thomas Todoroff, deputies with the Sheriff's ofc, Ryan Sheridan a cop from another county and Brynn Nealey (our heroine) who is a forensic nurse who goes along in case someone is hurt. At the last minute they get a call that a US Marshal is going to be joining them in there search. Alex Kinton (the hero) has lied his way onto the search team to search for his brother's killer to make sure he is either dead or reprehended. We are lead from here on a chilling trek through the forest through freezing temps and snow. We learn about each of the rescue crew along the way. Alex after losing his brother and putting away the man who killed him and then eventually losing his job had done nothing for the past year but drink and take pills. He thought he was emotionally dead inside and struggles for most of the trip to find the plane about his attraction to Brynn and eventually to caring about everyone on the team. Thats the story as I see it, I found this story slow moving in to many spots for my liking. I found this to be boring in places and couldn't wait to get thrugh the boring part. I give this a 50-50 chance of you liking this book. less
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Even when I thought something was obvious I liked the way Kendra brings it out. Great read.
I found this to be a great series! I can't wait for more from Kendra Elliot!
not a continuation of the bone secret #1 but this story was ok
Chilling, Unexpected & Intense!
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