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On Her Father's Grave (2014)

by Kendra Elliot(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 4
Montlake Romance
Rogue River
review 1: first of 4 parts. Kendra Eliot writes about daughter Stevie and Melinda Leigh will write about her sister, Carly. in this first novella the characters are introduced along with a few puzzles. Why is the recently deceased police chief's widow questioning his death? why did the chiefs best friend on the force quit after just 10 days after? why is the chief's son and mayor seeking his dad's journals? What is troubling the mayor's marriage? then there's the appearance of a new designer drug that kills a local teen.there's a shooting that results in two officer's injured and the death of the man dealing the new drug...bit who is making it and will more dealers follow? I'm looking forward to the sequels.
review 2: This is a strong first book in this new novella serie
... mores being released by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh. Though a quick read, you get a glimpse into a lot of the goings on in the town of Solitude and its shows you that everything is not as peachy as it seems. Stevie comes back to town after being gone for many years and she’s instantly a likeable character who hits the ground running. I can’t say I love her just yet, but the foundation is there. Zane, I fell in love with instantly. He’s a solid, good guy and I’m rooting for him all the way. He’s smart and sees things that don’t mesh well and takes steps to uncover some of the truths in town. There are a lot of mysteries happening that I can’t wait to see come to light. The writing in this book was great, the read was easy and flowed well and I enjoyed all of the characters. I’ll definitely be following this series. less
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3.5 stars. I liked the main characters and would have liked a longer story.
Short, sweet and simple.
novella. good fast read
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