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Vertraute Schatten (2014)

by Kendra Leigh Castle(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
380259245X (ISBN13: 9783802592454)
Egmont LYX
Dark Dynasties
review 1: Couldn’t put it down. Following Damian and Ariane as they try to find Sam and then the Grigori’s secrest was fascinating. Their search solves several mysteries. And I love all the stuff with the tattoos and the dynasty leaders. I played a game with myself. Here’s a 1 word description of each dynasty: Ptolemy: arrogant. Cait Sith: bitter. Dracul: passionate. Grigori: detached. Empusae: feminine. Reborn Lilim: broadminded. Do you agree? Soilers below. Though Damian and Ariane get a spark from each other right at the beginning, I like the flow of their relationship. It’s more true to real life. They resist and fight the pull like two people of like types would in real life rather than just falling in bed right off the bat. And I love feline vampires. The ... morethought of your guy purring when you touch is so sexy. Ariane’s escape from the only home she’d known for centuries was very brave. She’s a strong woman. I know she is completely clueless on how to get along in the world of supernaturalism but I still cried when she got thrown out of the supposing ‘safe house’. But Elena is nicer that she seems and turns out to be a great friend. But even with all her insecurities Ariane’s very a very feisty warrior. You can feel Damian’s fight to let anything break through the walls he set up to keep out anything that might cause him to feel or need. His apartment of cold treasures is indicative of how barren his life had become. The final fight was great, but after all the buildup, I expected more. It just ended too easily. And when Chaos leaves, why did he only kill his own followers? Did they have some special connection since they followed him willingly so he could drain them faster? Fave scenes: Damian flying with Ariane, Ariane’s fight with Oren and Mormo’s divination.
review 2: I rated this book a 5 if for no other reason than I want to read more on this story so bad I could screem. So many questions I want answered.... So much potential for a really great series it makes me smile for the author. I hope her imagination and love for the story provides many books in the future and because this is me can I just say think diversity when you get to Vlad. hahaha (so much potenial) *** heavy sigh***Ok sfor this story.... Really cool twist and turns and can I say.... so many questions. The kind of writer I think you are they will all be answered but man! Give a girl a bone here... how did they... (I know breath)... this makes for good story telling even though I read the blip on the next book and even I can say after this story who cares about girlfriend. I'm hoping though that questions get answered dispite the story line... at least she's not your person of color (Thank God)... sorry.Anyway I loved the characters in this book and the twist was just yummy and I hope it continues. less
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Just a filler of time when looking for another must read book
I really liked the story of Damien and Ari.
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