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Penny And Her Marble (2013)

by Kevin Henkes(Favorite Author)
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0062082035 (ISBN13: 9780062082039)
Greenwillow Books
review 1: Penny and her marble is a very big favorite of mine when it comes to children’s books. This is a story of a girl named penny who, while outside one day, finds a beautiful marble. The marble catches Penny’s attention immediately and she goes to pick it up. Penny takes the marble with her but then starts to fear that she took the marble from someone. Penny starts to think who’s marble it could be and after much thought decides that she should do the right thing and return the marble to its rightful owner.This book is great for children and teaching them between what is wrong and right and how at the end of the day it is better to do what is right because you could be greatly rewarded for doing what is right. I will definitely have this book in my classroom library and ... morewhen teaching common courtesy at the beginning of the year, will utilize this book. Henkes, K. (2013). Penny and her marble. New York: Greenwillow Books.
review 2: Penny and her Marble by Kevin Henkes, tells the story of a young mouse, Penny, who finds a marble in her neighbor’s yard. She takes the blue marble back to her home, but begins to feel guilty when she sees her neighbor looking in the yard where the marble once sat. Penny returns the marble only to find out that her neighbor Mrs. Goodwin had placed the marble in her yard for someone to find.This book is a great way to introduce kids into the structure of chapter books, and allows them to get used to longer stories. Not only that, but this story comes with a great lesson for children. The story teaches kids the importance of asking before you take something, especially if you don’t know who the item belongs to. This story opens the door to teach young minds about such important messages. Henkes does an incredible job in his writing of making sure that children come away having learned a lesson. His characters are honest and relatable. The illustrations brought to life the words, and emotions in Henkes’ story.Teaching Idea: Create bookmarks that depict characters, scenes or events from the book Reading Level: 1st GradeHenkes, K. (2013). Penny and her marble. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books. less
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Not my favorite of the Penny stories, but I do enjoy Henkes' picture books and readers.
Penny has a dilemma that troubles her until she makes up her mind what to do.
Cute book for beginner readers!! =)
Teaches kids about honesty
ALA ALSC Notable 2014
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