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Green Hornet, Vol. 1 (2000)

by Kevin Smith(Favorite Author)
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1606901427 (ISBN13: 9781606901427)
The Green Hornet
review 1: (This review includes both Vol. 1 and 2) Best way to describe this title? I got a kick out of it! Originally conceived as a movie, the story is an enjoyable action fest with enough emotion to flesh it out but not overwhelm. It's designed to be modern pulp fun with plenty of goofy scenes and one liners. It makes no effort to be more than that - a refreshing change from comics that try too hard to be 'deep'.I thought creating a new Green Hornet for the modern age was a great way to update the character without disrespecting or destroying the original. While the writing isn't sophisticated it is entertaining, even if the older Kato completely steals the show!What makes this a 4 versus 3 star book(s) is the artwork. The creative breakdowns by Phil Hester followed by Lau... more's pencils and, most important in my opinion, Nunes' colors makes the art pop. It feels smooth and sleek which suits the action. I would have liked a few facial expressions cleaned up a bit, but overall I enjoyed the 'show' so to speak.
review 2: I had seen the movie, and thought these are man just as average as Joe. Well I wanted, no needed to know more about them and why they become the super heroes we all have grown to love. The store was more complex than the movie made it out to be and the context of the interaction was funnier. The more I learn about Kevin Smith the more I like him. He is a bank of knowledge on anything to do with comic books. I hope to one day have half the understanding that he does. The more I get into comics the more I like it. The key however is to have the back story to truly have a love and understanding of the heroes. Like so many of us, how we are today is a product of our past actions, events and beliefs. less
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Interesting take on the Green Hornet. Can't wait to read more.
Kevin Smith just needs to become a full-time comic writer...
Story was okay. Great art.
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