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The Wicked + The Divine #2 (2014)

by Kieron Gillen(Favorite Author)
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Image Comics
The Wicked + The Divine
review 1: I absolutely loved the second issue in this. Laura’s character was fleshed out a little more, which I enjoyed reading, and the other gods got name dropped. Luci (Lucifer) inducted Laura as her personal minion, and sent Laura on a task to one of the gods, The Morrigan, but that task got shot to hell (I think, the issue ended on a cliffhanger).The art is my favorite part of this comic book, so far. The writing is decent, and the plot itself has been interesting, but the art is freaking gorgeous. Oh so pretty, and I love pretty, colorful images. I’m still recommending this, and with only 2 issues out so far, it’d be a really good series to start, I think. I’m not sure. I’ve never read a single issue series just starting out. But, it seems like kind of a good... more idea to get into it now. Although, I’m craving the third issue, and I won’t be getting that til midish/latish August. Which is a bummer.Luckily, comics have an easy re-readability, and when issue 3 comes out, I'll just re-read the first 2 to keep the story fresh in my head.
review 2: Another fantastic issue. Oh man, I'm already loving this series. Partially because I really like studying religions, so the personifications of these ancient spirits in contemporary times is just really hitting the spot. Partially because it's really well-balanced between exposition and fast-paced momentum. Partially because the art is so colorful with great lines. Partially because Luci is so effin' hot. The suspense with revealing the new gods is awesome! So much tension leading to the Morrigan, right?! And then BOOM! Baphomet! Like, it's just high octane and fun and charming and mesmerizing. I hope it stays like this for forever. Already looking forward to next months! less
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This series gets better the further into it you go...
I love this. I'm very much confused, but I love this.
Hmmm, this is still to weird for my taste.
Issue #2 and I'm hooked!
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